The Style

Classic Spring Looks

The jackets you need to always look sharp, no matter the weather.

Mother nature can be a bit of a pain every once in a while, especially in the shoulder seasons. For those in the Northeast, you know this all too well right now. Some days it’s sunny, some days it rains, and its been cold - really cold. Warmer and brighter days are ahead, but for the next couple weeks you’ll need to be prepared for the cold, the warm, and the wet. We’ve got you covered (no pun intended) with three coats and blazers that can handle almost anything the weather man throws at you.

The Classic Trench
for Rainy Days

There’s a reason the trench coat has been around for over a hundred years - it gets the job done. Originally constructed for soldiers in the trenches, the jacket was designed to take on the world. Since then it has been refined and stylized in a way that maintains its function while boosting it in fashion. Invest in a good quality trench coat and it will serve you for many years to come. Try to stay out of the trenches though.

The Flannel Jacket
for Cold Days

As the sun peeks out from behind the clouds you may have a temptation to ditch your trench coat. Although this may suffice in the sun spots, in the shadow of a sky scraper with a little breeze you’ll be clamouring for something a little heavier. The flannel jacket is perfect for this situation. Wear it with a long sleeve or button up so you don’t feel the draft up your sleeve and you’ll breeze through the city in style and comfort. Tuck a scarf for a little extra warmth and some subtle flair. Never hurts.

The Wool Blazer
for Warm Days

At last, the mercury has risen, the skies are blue, and hope is restored with your weather app - break out the wool blazer. This staple is your bread and butter. It has just enough weight to keep you warm, but the extra layer won’t cause you to overheat. Grey or blue will never go out of style, but if you want to catch the eye of the style savvy go with a tan or brown. Rock it with a button up or a tee, and always keep a pocket square handy. It’s the cherry on top.

The probability of precipitation may be unpredictable at times, but with these three classics your probability of sophistication will be at an all time high. So brush the dirt off these shoulder seasons and show mother nature who’s boss. We’ve got your back.