Nautical Knowledge

Look and See How to Look From the Sea

Nautically themed attire may go in waves of popularity, but it will always be stylish. The whites and blues work in any situation, and the kitchen is no exception. Much like what you cook, your clothing is a reflection of the mood you’re in or the vibe you’re feeling. It may seem obscure, but different types of clothing warrant different dishes. After all, you’re probably not going to cook an herb infused trout in sweats and a tee. Even if you do, it’ll taste better if you dress appropriately.

The Striped Henley is a staple when it comes to nautical attire. It’s casual and light for the warm summer days, and it’s easy to roll up the sleeves if things get a little messy. It’s by no means a sloppy look, but it’s probably better suited for a Sunday afternoon after a day in the park. Also, if anything bubbles or splatters, it just goes into the wash. Though that hasn’t stopped us from dressing nice in the past.

The Striped Henley

The Single Breasted Blazer is the perfect mid-week outfit for cooking something nice. It transitions smoothly from the office to the kitchen, and if you wear it with a t-shirt it makes it even easier. A cotton blazer is lightweight and comfortable in the summer, and it’s a little more resilient to any adverse conditions. Keep things a little cleaner with the food though. The only thing you want to pop on this jacket are the white buttons.

The Single Breasted Blazer

The Double Breasted Blazer should be reserved for the nights you want to add a little more flare. Again, your dish should reflect this. Get creative, be a little daring, and make something new and exciting. The spiffy look will score you extra points with whoever you’re cooking for, and if all things culinary fail, at least you looked good while doing it. Follow our lead though and you should be just fine.

The Double Breasted Blazer

The connection between cooking and clothing often goes understated and unnoticed. Conversely, nautical attire always grabs the attention of others and sets you apart in a crowd. Seafood is the cross section between food and function. Make the connection and you’ll find the sweet spot that makes your food taste good and you look even better. Smooth sailing, Captain.