How To Stay Grounded

Three vegetables that aren’t afraid of the spotlight

When these trends hit it’s almost like being caught in a hurricane - you can either get too excited and carried away that you get swept up in it, or you run for cover, stick to your ways, and never have the wind blow your hair back. Either way, you’re aware it’s happening. There’s nothing wrong with either approach, but we prefer to stay in the middle of the road, getting a little excitement while still staying grounded. If you want to do the same, here are a few veggies that you can experiment with in the safety of your own home (boarded windows not required.)

Yes, the bland, boring, plain Jane of the veggie platter is ready to take center stage. That’s actually a big part of why cauliflower is such a great main, because it doesn’t have a strong flavour to begin with. It can be based in a skillet with herbs and spices as a steak, or seasoned and cooked whole like a chicken. It can also be broken apart, doused in hot sauce and be your trusty buffalo wing.

The Cauliflower

We’ve long supported the portobello mushroom (our Portobello Burger was one of our first recipes) so we know it has potential. If you’re over burgers for the year, fry them up as strips and top your stir fry or salad with them. If you’re more of a meat and potatoes type of person, swap out the steak for a couple pan fried portobello caps with herbed butter. Or if you want to up the ante, flip them over stuff them with blue cheese and some green onion. Something mellow or portobello? Your choice.

The Portobello Mushroom

The zucchini has long been overlooked for its cousin the squash, and although we love what the squash can do, we think it’s the zucchini’s time to shine. We’ve all heard of spaghetti squash, well if you slice zucchini into thin strips and pan fry them you get a delicious alternative to pappardelle. If you want it to liven up your pasta without dominating it, you can cut it into rounds and serve with ravioli or farfalle (bow tie pasta.) Or you can chop it into sticks, sprinkle with cheese, and bake into a guilt-free mozza stick. Stick it to the man.

The Zucchini

The veggie front is building, so make sure you’re not caught off guard without a few tricks up your sleeve. At the very least, it’ll revamp your recipe repertoire. On the other hand, it could save a date from being caught up in a tweet storm or being hit with any flying Tinder. Remember, it only takes one saved date to make it worth while. This has been a public service announcement by Blade & Skillet.