The Style

Look good, taste better

It’s time to ditch the apron. We show you how to look good while you cook good.

The old adage “Look good, feel good” always rings true, but we don’t think it should stop there. We believe that good taste in your closet breeds good taste in your kitchen. Like any event though, what you wear often dictates the vibe you put out, so we’ve paired up a few recipes with outfits so you can get the mood right this Sunday.

After a long day at the office, the last thing you want to do is think about changing into a different outfit. So don’t. Keep the office attire and make something practical, yet professional. White Wine Scallops are the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication for a work night, and if you happen to have company you’re in fine form.

If you’re one to think a blazer can’t be worn while cooking, you need to live a little. Your blazer has seen many harsher scenarios, and unless you’re planning on getting elbow deep in ingredients, you’ll be more than ok. Keep your trusty dish towel nearby in case of an emergency, but with Honey Garlic Chicken that shouldn’t be a huge concern. Keep the honey garlic sauce in the bowl and you should be safe.

The White Button Up with Jeans look is one that will never get old. It’s simple, clean, and with the right cut it always looks sharp. The same can be said of the simplicity of the Asian Flank Salad. With a nice cut of beef and a few core ingredients, you’re always guaranteed to have a great outcome. Plain and simple.

In the colder months, a chunky knit cardigan is always a favourable choice. It’s topical, stylish, and of course, comfortable. Don’t let those criteria lead you down the path of the hoody though. The hoody has it’s time and place (typically after workouts or on early mornings) but save it for your down days. The same is true with the Tagliatelle dish, it’s a more sophisticated alternative that shows you don’t just settle for basic spaghetti.