The Tone

How to set the mood quickly

Set the mood, enjoy the food. It’s that simple.

Don’t be mistaken, setting the mood is not just for date night. It’s definitely more common to put in the effort when someone else is around, but don’t hold out on yourself either. After a long, stressful day, knowing how to unwind is just as important as knowing how to get a running start. Of course, creating a calm environment when you’re hosting is always beneficial. It turns dinner into an experience, and it will make the food taste that much better.


It doesn’t matter if you use Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, or any of the other music services, having a cooking playlist on hand is the quickest and easiest way to dial things down. Classic jazz artists like Miles Davis or John Coltrane never disappoint. They deliver a calm, cool tone, without making it feel like you’re in a cheesy sit-com skit.


We stare at blue screens all day so when you’re looking to unwind, dim the lights. Condo lighting isn’t always the best for this, so if you haven’t already, consider investing in some ambient lighting, it will pay off in the long rung. For the short term fix, candles work and they give off a great scent that often helps you relax. That said, if you have a strongly scented candle you may want to consider lighting it after the meal, as it could play with your senses and the meal.


You can’t argue with this. Wine makes all situations better. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a first date, a special date, or a solo date, it just has a way of decompressing all of the bad and elevating all of the good. Also, despite science, it has a way of working immediately. Everything just seems to run a little smoother with a glass of wine in your hand. Looking to impress? Add wine. Looking to destress? Add wine. Looking to… you get the picture.

Setting the mood when you cook is akin to paying a little extra for that clothing brand you like. Sure you could do without, but if you go with what you like you’ll feel that much more comfortable in it and it’ll always feel good. Not to mention the food will taste better and you’ll have a much better experience. It’s science.