To Do

Rain Delayed

Take advantage of the wet weather and get ahead on some good reads.

It’s that time of year when it’s messy enough to justify staying in without the fear of missing out, because really, everyone else is doing the same. It’s also that time of year where some days it’s warm, others it’s cold, some days it starts warm and ends up cold, and most days it rains. A lot. This makes it nearly impossible to dress appropriately for the conditions. So rather than fight it, grab a stylish book or magazine and start planning your looks for the better days. You’ll come out rested, relaxed, and refreshed.

The Sartorialist: X
By Scott Schuman

Remember the days when Instagram wasn’t a thing and street style was an oxymoron? Didn’t think so. Well Scott Schuman started a blog in 2005, The (wildly popular) Sartorialist, that showed the world what style in the streets really looked like. Now, thanks to Gutenberg and his handy printing press you can flip through all of the great looks that Schuman shot over the years without your battery dying. If you’re ever looking for inspiration, this is filled with it. The looks, the shots, the stories - it has them all, and in high supply. Get comfy.

Fantastic Man
By Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers

From iconic blog to iconic publication. Something must have been in the air in 2005, because it was the year Jop van Bennekom and Gert Jonkers founded the bi-annual magazine Fantastic Man. To mark their 10 year anniversary, this book was published compiling the most stylish men to ever grace their pages. Not only will the style influence rub off on you, it will make your book shelf or night stand look good too. Take notes gentlemen.

The Mr Porter Paperback: The Manual for a Stylish Life
Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3

If one and two didn’t tickle your fancy, try one, two, and three - Mr Porter Paperbacks, of course. As the subtitle suggests, these books are more than about good looks, they supply you with a guide on how to live a stylish life. Created by the beloved men’s retail website,, you can purchase the books, individually, as a set, or if you really want to feel sophisticated, leather-bound. It’s safe to say these will never go out of style, and will always serve to guide you. Sort of like a bible for stylish men.

GQ Style

We couldn’t give a proper reading list without a shout out to the publication of all mens publications, GQ. As much as we love their monthly issues, the GQ Style guides are perfect for resetting and rethinking your looks for the seasons ahead. Still sporting the phrase from its inaugural issue, the editors state (rather than question) “What to wear now” in each bi-annual issue. Though it may not be as hefty as the others, it punches above its weight by giving analysis to all current and upcoming trends. Think of it as your stylish cheat sheet.

When you live a busy life, it’s easy to get off track. Whether it’s this week, next week, next month, or longer, have a book ready for the rainy days. It gives you the opportunity to unplug and go unnotified in an unassuming way. Unless, of course, you do it in public. Then you’re just another #hotdudereading.