Side Note

Don’t forget your roots

What to do with those sturdy Winter sides.

Winter may almost be over, but the nights filled with seasonal Spring side dishes are still a ways away. Don’t get discouraged. While you wait for those light, fluffy days your best bet is to get creative with your Winter staples. With a the turn of a knife, a dash of something different, and an alternative approach, you can turn sturdy into sexy. Take a crack at these root (and non root) vegetables, and see what we mean.


Beets are as trendy as ever right now and we know why, they’re delicious and nutritious. They may not be as popular as kale or avocado, but they’re easy to prep and they go with just about anything. Steak and beets? Done. Salmon and beets? Absolutely. Beets and beets? Why not, the more the merrier. The only downside is they can take up 50 mins to cook, so make sure you start with them.

Brussel Sprouts

For years Brussel sprouts got a bad rap, and that can be directly correlated to your parents. Sorry Mom and Dad, boiling Brussel sprouts until they’re soggy and waterlogged just isn’t what it used to be. These days it’s all about chopping them into halves and quarters, pan frying them with some butter, seasoning with salt and pepper, and maybe even throwing in a little soy sauce or lemon juice. The future has arrived and Brussel sprouts are a part of it.


Potatoes may sound basic, but their versatility and simplicity make up for any misperceptions. If you want a side that doesn’t steal the show, go with baby potatoes. If you want them to be the hero, chop them into frites. If you want something to dip that isn’t a chip, make fries, or better yet, bake homemade chips. The possibilities are endless and always delicious. Butter, salt, and pepper are essential, but you can add some extra pizzaz in no time with herbs and spices.

Like your closet, your kitchen can get a little boring near the end of a season. With a fresh approach though you can liven things up and bring some excitement back. Similar to elbow patches on jackets - your parents may have killed them, but with the right touch you can bring them back in style in no time.