Category:  Beef
Prep:  5 mins
Cook:  25 mins

Seared Strip Loin

1 Strip Loin Steak
1/2 Sliced Onion
8 Baby Potatoes
Kosher Salt
Parsley (optional)


1. Place steak on paper towel and pre-heat oven to 475°F.
2. Chop, peel and slice half an onion. Melt butter in a skillet on medium high heat and place sliced onions in once heated. Cook for 25 mins stirring every 5 mins.
3. Put washed baby potatoes in bowl and coat with melted butter, salt and pepper. Spread on cookie sheet and place in oven for 18-20 minutes.
4. Remove steak from paper towel and heavily layer with kosher salt and course ground pepper. Grill in same skillet as onions, 5 mins a side (medium rare for a thick steak).
5. Plate steak next to baby potatoes and cover with caramelized onions (parsley optional). Let steak rest for a few mins, have a drink, relax, and enjoy!



Percent Daily Value based on 2000 calorie diet

Calories 466

Carbs 8% 24g

Fat 24% 15g

Protein 56g

Sodium 54% 1308mg

Cholesterol 34% 106mg